New York City – What To Do With Kids And Toddlers

Central Park

New York city is known as a city that is always awake day or night. It is a city this has lots of exciting things for adults. But surprisingly, if you are on vacation with toddlers or young kids there are many unique experiences near you that the kids will enjoy. There are exciting activities, children’s’ museums, zoos, etc.
Before you look at some of the things that you can do in NYC with kids if you are trying to save some money, advice on buying an all-in-one pass where you can save a few bucks on some of the popular attractions in the city.

Visit the statue of liberty: Plan a visit to the statue of liberty where the kids get to climb up the crown of Lady Liberty. Though not very strenuous for the kids, it is a flight of 393 stairs your children will enjoy. The vantage point from there is worth a watch. The tickets to visit the crown has to be booked well in advance as it can get crowded during peak season.
Apart from visiting the crown, you can take the kids to Liberty Island.

Brooklyn Bridge: The length of this bridge is 1.1 miles. The Brooklyn Ice Cream factory is a major draw among children. You can do a bike ride or simply stroll on the bridge. You can also hang out at the Main Street park where you can view Manhattan. Plan on staying longer on this bridge as you can ride Jane’s Merry-Go-round in Brooklyn bridge park

Times Square: There are lots of candy stores like Hershey’s and M&M’s which the kids will enjoy visiting. The walk around time square is quite breathtaking not only for the kids but also the adults.

Central Park: This is one place the kids will enjoy for the sheer atmosphere in the park. Apart from spending quality time enjoying the fresh air, you can also take the kids to the Central Park Zoo and Belvedere Castle. It has a fantastic playground where you can ride the merry-go-round.

Visit the Intrepid: It is a Museum of space, air, and sea which exhibits a collection of ships. They have an excellent collection of aircraft with plenty of things to do and learn for the kids. They have a submarine tour and a space shuttle tour.
Bronx Zoo: Known as one of the largest city zoos in the USA, it houses a huge variety of animals from all across the world. Plan to spend a complete day enjoying the greenery and the calm stroll around the zoo.

Coney Island: This is the perfect amusement park for toddlers or young kids. It has many activities and rides which are not too scary for the kids. It is a charming historic park with some contemporary rides and activities added. It is relatively cheaper than other amusement parks and is usually less crowded. You can also try the famous hot dog restaurants, and ice cream and cotton candy stand.
The New York aquarium is also located close to the amusement park. You and the kids get to see sea lions show.